Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is PTSA ?

PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association where parents, studentseducators, and other citizens can be active in their schools and communities.

2. What does it mean "to join PTSA"?

We ask parents for a $9.00 membership price. From this amount, $5.45 goes to the District and national PTSA, $1.00 goes to Totem (online membership fee), and Alondra only gets about 2.55¢. This is why PTSA relies mostly on fundraising to help support the school.

3. How do we know that PTSA money is really being used for our children?

Any parent is welcome to participate in any PTSA event. Our records are not confidential, and we would be glad to explain PTSA money distribution to anyone.

4. Can anyone volunteer at our school?

YES! We welcome anyone who can assist us!

5. Do PTSA members get paid when working at the schools?

No. PTSA members volunteer their time, and we welcome anyone who is willing to assist them. Our parents work very hard to fund-raise for special programs at Alondra Middle School.
Upcoming Events:
       January 18, 2022
Association Meeting